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Pat Borriello didn’t get the obligatory film degree and neither he had the dream to become a filmmaker since he was little.

Quite the contrary. 


He was trying out everything from being a moving helper, through bar keeping, playing saxophone in a jazz band till becoming a radio moderator at his early twenties. This journey taught him a lot about different people, telling stories and understanding emotions, which makes him the director he is now. Knowing exactly what he wants and how to work with all kind of people in different moods.

His goal is to always tell outstanding stories while combining authentic moments with a modern cinematic aesthetic.


His tireless energy and his fascination of a kid for film and music gave him the opportunity to work with brands like McDonalds, Mercedes, Adidas and many more. Moreover he made his his first short film in Brooklyn NY last year which will be released soon. 

Pat Borriello

+49 174 3147139

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